How to change your look

  1. 5 years ago

    If you are looking to redefine your fashion sense, here are a few tips that came in handy when i went through the same process:

    1. Decide on the look you want. Before you go shopping for clothes (as fun as that can be), decide on the look you want to go for. Whether it's hip and bohemian or dark and sultry, or even a mix of various styles, find a style that you would be comfortable with AND that works with your body shape. You can talk to an online personal stylist if you are unsure. I think offers the service for free.

    2. Decide on the pieces. Okay, now you know the look you want. Next step is to figure out what pieces make up that look. This would advice not only the clothes you buy, but the accessories to pair them with. For instance, if you are going for Bohemian-chic, a geometric print maxi dress, gladiator shoes, and chunky jewelry are must-buys. A little research and a lot of Google Images should do the trick :D

    3. Pace yourself. Don't throw out your whole wardrobe all at once!! You don't want people asking if you're okay and drawing you into long, uncomfortable hugs because they think you are going through mid-life crisis! Build your new look gradually... A new dress this week, new shoes the next... And before you know it, the girl in the mirror would look like the girl in your mind's eye ;)

    4. Be you! Because we all knowm, there's nothing more fabulous than being yourself.

    That's all i got! Fill free to add more tips and share your personal experiences in the comments below.

  2. i think that most important thing is to reman yourself. All of us want to look nacier and better but we cannot forget that we are unique with our natural appearance:)

  3. Absolutely agree with Sara, why we should change our look? We have our own look, and there is no reason to change it

  4. well your clothes, make up do big impression... so sometimes if we raelly want to look good we need to think about it


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