Staying healthy without going natural

  1. 4 years ago

    So recently, going natural has been all the rage. And while i totally respect and admire ladies sporting natural hair, i am so not about to chop all my hair and start again.. But i noticed recently that there is the general misconception that you have to have natural hair for your hair to be healthy. I STRONGLY disagree with this. Keeping your hair natural is not a guarantee of healthy hair, same way having permed hair does not automatically mean having over-processed hair.

    So i thought it might help to share some tips:

    1. Skip the heat if you can. Only blow dry if you are really in a hurry. Hot ironing should be kept to a bare minimum. Because even when you use heat protection, applying heat to your hair too regularly damages your hair structure.
    2. Oils are not moisturizers. Oils are great for locking in moisture, but only water or water-based products actually moisturize your hair. If you have your hair out, then i recommend moisturizing every 2-3 days. (My quick and lazy moisturize routine involves dipping my hand in water and running it through my hair a few times, and then locking it in with coconut or jojoba oil).
    3. Avoid product build up. If you don't have your hair in a weave or a braid, chances are you would have a daily care routine that involves conditioners and sprays and oils and stuff. When these products build up, they clog your pores and inhibit hair growth. To avoid this, try to was your hair at least once a week.
    4. Lastly, protect your ends. When your hair is not in a protective style, wrap it up in a silk scarf before you sleep. If you don't have a scarf available, you can put your hair in a french braid, or section it and put in 3-strand twists... Just don't sleep with your hair ends exposed. Between rubbing the hair against the pillow and tossing and turning, you hair would both lose moisture and can start breaking.

    These are some of the tips i use on my hair... If you have more tips to add, please do! Let's get healthy and glamorous together ;)

  2. yea, oils are not moisturizers, I agree, but they are very important to balance the humiduty. I use them and I am very happy

  3. mombasy

    5 Feb 2015 Administrator

    better is when we try to keep our hair naturally, without balsams, creams and atc

  4. I have used always balsam for my hair, so I long time was satisfied with it, but now I feel that this balsam dosnt help me to grow my hair and to have them shining

  5. palmolive balsam I am always using for my hair and I am very happy with it

  6. Deleted 4 years ago by liry vennna
  7. yea, I used Palmolive also..

  8. I dont use at all any balsams or oils for my hair, I think that them need naturality, so I am trying not to do any sepecific for them

  9. but if you dont use anything, are your hair soft? Coz without doing anything for hair I feel when they are not soft

  10. yea, my hair is absolutely soft, and they look beautifully without any balsams

  11. @chera nodi Well, i think there is a balance between not using anything at all and over-processing your hair by using too many chemicals. I use natural coconut, castor, and jojoba oils both for deep conditioning and to lock in moisture

  12. i have never used a balsam or conditioners for my hair before, but since last month I started to use mask for hair nad I'm happy. I feel that my hair is getting better day by day:)


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