Val's Day Emergency! Help!

  1. 5 years ago

    I need help, ladies... It's my first val with my boo (we have been dating for 8 months), and i have absolutely no idea what to do to make it special :(

  2. You can prepare a tasty dinner with wine and sweet desert-yourself;)

  3. I can offer to plan a small trip where you can have a nice time together:)

  4. In your place I would buy a new and nice dress and prepare a dinner at home. I know that many couples go out in Valentine's day, but i prefer spend evening quietly.

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    Hey girls, dinner and home is good when is your first time Valentine's Day with bf, but what to do if it 5 Val's day together? I don't have idea what to do.. I would like to make smth special, but I guess I will buy a small gift, maybe tickets to the concert and that's all.

  6. Well I with my husband decided take a holidays on Val and go near Chad lake. i hope we have a great time together and take relax from works:)

  7. being with your boo is special, you dont need to do anything...

  8. @assy lame being with your boo is special, you dont need to do anything...

    Of course you should do! It's a special day, not day as all days in the year:P

  9. Thanks for the ideas, guys.. i hope i don't screw it up :(

  10. you are wrong, supergirl. Valentine's day is similar to other days... but just you can do it special, and if you love your boyfriend all days can be speacial, not just Valentines

  11. What help??? you dont need help at Valentines day, you need LOVE!:D

  12. absolutely agree with Chera nodi!

  13. Love love in the air..:DDD

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  15. yeah we dont need to care what to do or what will be on 14february, it simple day as all others, and if you really love someone there all days will be special for you with that man

  16. I am going with my boyfriend to visit Paris at this weekend, so I wait VALs day very much!

  17. to Paris...WOW. I would like also. Just the problem is that I havent boyfriend, so i am not going to celebrate VAL's day

  18. I have my boyfriend but we still dont know where we will celebrate this VAL. But I know that he has a surprise to me, so I am waiting this day. I am thinking also about something special, but yet dont know nothing

  19. there are many ways to surprise the person you love. Use your imagination!

  20. I think we are thinking too much and love too liitle

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