You Favourite Cocktail

  1. 5 years ago

    I absolutely adore a White Russian. But i want to add new drinks to my cocktail list :D
    What's your favourite cocktail?

  2. i like cuba libre, it's my fav :)

  3. I dont have the one most deliciuos... I taste with pleasure all coctails, the most important to me is that the coctail would be sweet enough

  4. i don't drink alcochol coctails, I prefer juice:)

  5. I like alcohol coctails some of them have really delicious taste... I make my own coctail of limon, orange juice, tequilla and syrup of maples, its really delicious

  6. robby

    5 Feb 2015 Administrator

    Yea, I like sweet and light alcohol coctails but i cannot remember exactly titles.. :)

  7. I love drink very sweet drinks, some of them can be with fruits or berries:)

  8. Pinacolada without doubt, mhhm...:)


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