The Daniel Plan for Weight Loss

  1. 5 years ago

    I just found this diet online that is supposed to be a great, but healthy way to lose wait. The diet consists of eating only beans and vegetables for 40 days. Has anybody tried this before? How effective was it?

  2. I didnt hear that beans would help to lose weight, but maybe it is possible I dont know. I hadn tried this diet

  3. maybe, but I believe I would miss normal food after all these diets with beans and vegetables!

  4. it natural and true that if you 40 days will eat bens and vegetables you will loose weight, but I think its too difficult, and after diet, what then? if after diet you will start to eat all food as before diet, so this diet will not be useful at all

  5. I know this diet long time, ma mother was trying it many times, and it helps relly, but just for some time

  6. I dont know this diet I even never had tried any diet


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