What bikini to choose for holidays?

  1. 3 years ago


    20 Mar 2015 Administrator

    Next week I will have a holidays and have plans to go into the beach but I have a small problem... I don't have a good bikini which would be suitable for sunbathing and swimming. Maybe do you have some suggestions about it! Please girls, help me whith it!
    I'm think about this model, but I am not so sure..

  2. For me the most niciest is white:) Choose white bcs it looks gorgeous on tanned body!Miss-Universe-2013-in-bikin12.jpg

  3. on the other hand black also look great. Just look at these! fit-girls-4.png

  4. I like more colourful. I have green and model is similar as this pictumblr_m2h2vceVTB1r8y5aro1_400.jpg

  5. mombasy

    24 Mar 2015 Administrator

    the true is sipmle: if you have a nice figure all types of swimsuits will be looking good on your body

  6. I like the most white color, it suits me perfectly. But I would not rejected also black color!

  7. I like blue color the most, so blue swimsuites are the most favorite

  8. these all in photos look awesome!

  9. so nice models, I want to have the second one:D

  10. I like bikini bright colors, blue or yellow, they look attractively!

  11. wow, what a nice bikini... I would like to have these all.! But my dream is to have thisV442096.jpg

  12. Is this by Vicotria Secret collction?

  13. very nice one! I like a colour

  14. yea, this bikini is from Victoria Secret

  15. nice, really, but near perfect bikini needs perfect figure!


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