Epic lazy day

  1. 5 years ago

    I have been under a lot of stress lately, and i would like to spend an entire day doing absolutely nothing. But i don't know where to start :D. Suggestions, please...

  2. robby

    5 Feb 2015 Administrator

    You are right, after stressful events we need take a rest :) I love to have lazy Sunday mornings with coffee:)

  3. I'm lazy from childhood! So for me is normal to spend a lot of time in bed on weekends:DDDD

  4. I also like weekends and also all free days after hard week of jobs...

  5. I dont like to lye in the bed long, I wake up early and I feel happy when I do something, not lye in the bed

  6. and I would love to lye now on the beach and I could do it all day long

  7. I think that we need lazy days after long, difficult work weeks, some big and important things also after stress. But when we feel good we wouldnt need to lye, we need to live and enjoy life...

  8. I like just lay in bed till afternoon, I watch tv or do other lazy things:D

  9. I always try to not be so lazy and meet with friends. they always raise my mood:))))

  10. I like the mornings of saturday when I know that I have all day long to do what I prefer and that today I dont need to hurry up nowhere. But I am not very lazy, so deosnt take long time to think what I can do on my freetime

  11. I like to be lazy sometimes. I sometimes love just to lay in the bed and read book or journal

  12. and how long could you lay in the bed in saturday?

  13. I think young people shouldnt lay in the bed long time, we will do it when we will be old:)

  14. I am planning to have a wonderful evening with my family:)))))

  15. yea, absolutely agree with lovesong, we have to spend our time actively

  16. we have joy our life, be happy because we young, we have many possibilities to do something special and interesting, to try many new things, so lets go!

  17. This weekend again will be with family:D

  18. this weekend I am planning to play tennis, I think it will be interesting.

  19. I dont like to lay in the bed all day, I need some occupation and interesting activity.

  20. mombasy

    26 Mar 2015 Administrator

    we have possibilities and new challenges every day, so it forbidden to be lazy!


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