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    20 Mar 2015 Administrator
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    Yesterday I was looking for a nice and comfortable shoes in shops but couldn't find the right ones.. I would like smth nice but comfotable. And also not extremelly expensive.. What are your requirements for daily shoes? Do you like wear high heels?

  2. No, i don't like high heels.. it's not comfortable for daily wearing. I wear smth more simple with good sole

  3. i prefer sport style so that shoes on pic look very nice!

  4. I like simple shoes, so these sport shoes are nice and perfect to me! and the color is especially for woman

  5. I also prefer comfortable shoes...

  6. 11062722_1067509376599172_4536180761793845698_n.jpg

  7. this are my new shoes, Ilike them very much!

  8. rudeangel

    26 Mar 2015 Administrator

    I like comfortable shoes, but sometimes I like to wear smth nice, as my violet high heels

  9. mombasy

    27 Mar 2015 Administrator

    nice shoes, just the color in not my favorite

  10. I like comfortability but I like beauty too. So I prefer shoes with heels

  11. I like variaty in wearing. So for me isn't a problem to wear one day high heels, another day-simple boots

  12. yea, me too, I like all types of shoes, it depend on what clothes you are wearing

  13. I like high heels, it is convenient for me, and I wear these every day:)

  14. every day?? how it possible, it would be difficult to me to wear high heels every day, I wear these just at special day when I need to look beautifully

  15. 11133744_1083923278291115_7265246108269394547_n.jpg

  16. I like these types of shoes...

  17. mombasy

    7 May 2015 Administrator

    Nice, really, I like light colors shoes, clothes too

  18. I can go wit anytin...heels..flat jst name it

  19. I like all shoes, the most important is that they would be comfortable

  20. I like quality of shoes so choose quite expensive

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