Stress. How to cope with it?

  1. 5 years ago

    Girls, I work very hard work and in end of day I feel so tired, disgruntled, unhappy and don't wanna do nothing. I have a bf who really care me, but sometimes I provocate a conflicts with him because of my changing mood. I don't wanna loose him, but I don't how to cope with stressful days at my work or at my house.... Can you suggest me something? What I have do that I would forget my buisiness and could relax totally?

  2. I completelly relax then I listen music or cook something. It helps to forget all difficulties and problems for a sometime. For example, I don't like watch horror because I'm sensitive person. If I watch it, I cannot sleep well all night and next day I get up with a bad mood. Also for me help sport, I practice joga.

  3. I like to lay in bed with music. it helps to me run away from my problems. Also I take for a walk or ride by bicycle.
    Sometimes i just stay in totally calm with my feelings and crazy thoughts. When I am quite I can focus on it and control what I feel and think.

  4. Actually I can say that stress is natural, and we don't need to try very much to cope with it .. When I feel that I am going to get stress I just start to think that if I am feeling stress so it needed, it means that the thing for which I am worry is important to me so I need to act and do something, not to be thinking how I can reduse my stress.

  5. Firstly, girls, you shoundn't take nervious so much for stupid details at work or in relation with other. We get used to pay a lot of attention into details... it's important but there are much more important things that it.

  6. Yea, we care too much about not important things. We must focus on things which are really relevant for us, then you will see, we could low our stress level easier. To me helps my favourite music, active sport or even calm walking.

  7. I try just not to think about bad things... I do and believe that everything will be ok:)

  8. @dreti I try just not to think about bad things... I do and believe that everything will be ok:)

    positive thinking is very good, but not all times it works. :) sometimes we have live bad emotions that they dissapear totally from our heads.

  9. If you want to get low stress, I know one good method, and it very simple and it always helps me. When I feel that I am nervious, Ithen I eat sweet delicious food and try to sleep enough.. Sometimes all problems have been solved while I am sleeping:D


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