Is Val's really worth it?

  1. 4 years ago

    Please don't shoot me oh, but i honestly believe val's day is way overrated! Any takers?

  2. kunkuliuke

    5 Feb 2015 Administrator

    One more day to show extra attention to your loved one. We love etch other every day, but it is always nice to have special days.

  3. But if everyday is special, then having a "special" special day is kinda redundant.

  4. I love Valentine's Day, it's great a occasion to show attention for person who you care :) I always do a small surprise for my bf:)

  5. i also love Valentine's Day! I know that this day I spend with beloved person and we have a great time in a nice place:)

  6. There is necessary one day in the year that we could present for beloved person our time and attention. sometimes we work a lot or don't have possibilities to give it.

  7. I dont think that Vals day is very special day, so I am not preparing for it at all...

  8. and its not Vals day worth but your love is woth for all your efforts to do your lover happy

  9. agree absolutely with biel peru!

  10. I agree, that love should be showed every day for imporant persons, not only one time per year. If it happens like that, it means that it's not a real feelings, but superficial love.

  11. these times there are many superficial love like as superficial people


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