Fun way to lose weight!

  1. 4 years ago

    Lawn Tennis! Who knew?! Though not a very popular sport in Nigeria, if you search for it, you'll find courts in more places than you expect. Go with a friend :) Start up a weekly routine. Have fun losing weight! ;)

  2. robby

    5 Feb 2015 Administrator

    Oh.. I have never tried to play tennis.. I would like to play it with my best friend:)

  3. You should. :) I play quite a bit whenever I can. It really works.

  4. Is this game for two persons or can it play more than two?

  5. Either two or four can play at a time.. If you are more, then take turns playing.. Even keeping score and picking up the balls is fun. :)

  6. robby

    5 Feb 2015 Administrator
    Edited 4 years ago by robby

    Hey but where we can play it? I don't know any tennis courts in Lagos.. Do you have some ideas?

  7. Well.. most courts are owned by clubs and hotels..

  8. hm.. I guess this activity is quite expensive, no?

  9. Depends on your arrangement. I play when I am in Port Harcourt or in Ghana. Haven't particularly scouted courts in Lagos. But I am sure there are.

  10. Edited 4 years ago by supergirl

    Hey, girls, tennis or badminton is really light and great game for girls who don't wanna make sport but wanna be slim wihout special efforts:)


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