Best apps to make life easier

  1. 4 years ago

    What apps do you use on your phone?

    For me one of the best things to have is an app on your mobile device that guarantees you can never get lost in any neighborhood.

  2. Definetly Eskimi! :)

  3. Whatsap:)

  4. aure

    14 Jan 2015 Administrator

    Facebook, Instagram most of the time

  5. When I was traveling to France for my short holidays I was very happy when I have found app Paris City Guide (PAR). This app was very useful for me when I needed to find some places to see.

  6. Yea, I know that PAR app, he was really useful to me too...
    I have also use Skype app, but he doesn't working good, I don't see sometimes some messages, so it irritates me! But I use it patiently:)

  7. I use viber app, it is absolutely great.

  8. I don't use apps, especially now when my phone is broken..:)


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