Is Red the new Black?

  1. 5 years ago

    Usually, at events and functions, you see a lot of ladies in black dresses of all shapes and forms. But these days, i see more red dresses than black, and i have to wonder: Is red taking over from black? Are we expected to have LRD now?

  2. I dont think so that these times are times when red taking over from black... I think that all these colors are nice and perfect, so we need to choose what we want.

  3. I didnt notice this. I see many women who wear black dresses and it look very elegant with these dresses..

  4. robby

    6 Feb 2015 Administrator

    I adore red coulour because it's passion colour. I always use red dress when I want to make an impresssion for smb:)

  5. i like red, but i have never dare to wear red evning dress. I don't like to pay attention of others, so I prefer more calm colours as blue or gree.

  6. Samantha, maybe yea, its a new tendency to wear red rather than black, I have noticed too.. mybe black was popular long time, it was classical traditional color so now its time to change it to something new

  7. yea, we can change our colors of clothes, but that there is a tendency that black is changed to red I dont think so at all

  8. robby

    27 Feb 2015 Administrator

    I think black, red and white is clasic and will neve die


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