How to curb your cravings

  1. 5 years ago

    Always find yourself reaching for the snack stand or a bar of candy? Research shows that eating a high-protein breakfast reduces your cravings for sweet and savory foods later in the day. This is because not only does protein make you feel full, the study also found that protein boosts your levels of dopamine, giving you that "mmm, that was good" feeling that you would otherwise get from a yummy chocolate cake :D.

  2. robby

    3 Mar 2015 Administrator

    i love sweets and for me is hard to change them into other food:)

  3. agree, me too. Although I am trying to eat healthy food but its so dificult when everywhere we see delicious desserts:D

  4. Of cos is so difficult to control yourself and don't give up for that sweet temptation:)

  5. I don't like sweet very much so for me it's no so hard:P

  6. robby

    5 Mar 2015 Administrator

    I lyk a lot and don't turn my head:)

  7. @robby I lyk a lot and don't turn my head:)

    good attitude:P


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