Fast food in your life

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    Do you like fast food? and how often do you go to fast food restaurants?5dd3d51976fdf100.jpg

  2. Yea, It's my little sin which I do on weekends :) I'm quilty, dear God:)

  3. No, i'm traditional girl who prefer natural, fresh food.

  4. I have many temptations to eat fast food coz near my home is fast food restaurant, and it smells delicious when I go pass it.. But I am trying to eat it just at times, not often.

  5. Yea, i loooove hamburgers, but it's not good for my body. When I have eatten fast food, I feel so full and heavy.. It's not a good feeling because of that i try to reduce amount of it in my food allowance.

  6. Me too. I like hamburgers also, very much. But I know that this food is not healthy for our body. so now it is 5 months since I haven't eaten this food and I am prud of myself!

  7. I don't eat that food... It is not nutritious and unhealty, and I prefere healthy food with vitamins and minerals, it is important for our organism.

  8. yea, fast food is not healthy, but sometimes we can taste it, it is really delicious.

  9. I hate fats food, that persons who like these food. They are totally stupid! How they cannot understand that the most important thing which let to us be healthy is our nutrition. We cannot put into us all garbages, because our body isn't rubbish bin. Let's be responsible more and take care what do we put in our mouths!

  10. Strict diet, sport - it is the most important things,so I can't imagine myself eating at fast food restaurants. I have never liked that food and it is not my favorite

  11. I like fast food and go to fast food restaurants just with my friends company. But usually I try to eat healthy food, try to make my food by myself, homemade food is the most delicious


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