1. 5 years ago

    What do you like to drink mostly?
    I prefer juice than lemonade but I love coca cola.:D

  2. I adore green tea with piece of fresh lemon.mmmmm:)

  3. Pepsi and coffee in the mornings:)

  4. I like drink simple water. It's good for my skin and body. Also I drink tea and coffee:) Especially black tea:)

  5. Omg, pepsi! How I could forget about PEPSI?! :D

  6. I like hot chocolate and cacao, it is the most preferable drinks since I was the child. But now I like black tea also and sometimes coffee with much milk, mild:)

  7. Oh, I like just black strong coffee. I drink it every morning, it is delicious. And sometimes I like light beer.

  8. beer.. no, I don't like beer at all. I prefer sweet,very sweet wine:) and also I like green tea, it is healthy for our organism. Also sometimes I like aloe vera drinks or milk with cacao..

  9. Rocky

    15 Jan 2015 Administrator

    I love fresh orange juice!

  10. Two months ago I have founded that it is very delicious to drink coconut milk, I adore it!

  11. Coconut milk? I have never drank it... It should be very sweet, no?
    Well I am traditional girl, I drink black without sugar coffee and green tea.

  12. liuka, well, yes, coconut milk is quite sweet, but not too much... I drink it with some spices and hot, but it is also possible to drink it cold. It is delicious, you must to try it!:)

  13. I like to drink Sprite and Coca Cola:)

  14. Rocky

    21 Jan 2015 Administrator

    I also like Coca Cola :) It's one of my favourite lemonade:)

  15. I adore fresh orange juice.. all fresh juice!:)


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