The most beautiful surprises for your love!

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    14 Jan 2015 Administrator

    What is the most beautiful present for your love?

  2. the song created for me, were where songed about the most important things in our relationship... It was unique, I have never had such gift from nobody. It was lovely, it was real feeling. Sometimes I am jealous for myself of havin such wonderful love!

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    Oh, it is nice, really. It is an idea to me what present I could create for my boyfriend on his 25 th birthday... The most beautiful surprise for me from him was travelling to country of my derams - Austria. It was unforgettable trip with the person you love. I will always remember that gift to me.

  4. I have never been a good in cooking but on last year Valentine's day I tried to prepare a home made sweets for my bf. Unbelievable! but i did it very well:) My bf was suprised:)

  5. so if you really want I think you can do many things. For me the best surprise from my boyfriend was a ticket to Juanes concert last winter, I have dreamed about it such a long time!

  6. I have surprised my boyfriend when I have wrote a poem of love for him. He was surprised. I was writing there about our relations important moments and it was nice. Now I am waiting surprise from he!


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