Riding Shotgun or Backseat?

  1. 4 years ago

    Please, ladies, i have a question: How would you react if your boyfriend/fiancee comes to pick you up, and his female friend is in the front seat and doesn't move to the back when you approach the car?

  2. Well if it happened only one time, I will not make a disarter:) However if repearts several time, I kindly ask to let me sit near my boo:)

  3. I think that female friend is a rude or pretend a little silly that don't understand where is a place to sit for her

  4. rudeangel

    3 Mar 2015 Administrator

    this kind of behaviour isn't very nice from that girl, but I supose if you trust a boyfriend you don't pay much attention into this one small event.

  5. yea, its absolutely not appropriate behaviour from girl, shame for her!

  6. How rude that female friend..

  7. not good, absolutely

  8. I think that girl could just make a provocation..:) There are strange people who like to initiate quarells:D

  9. I dont understand these people at all, its not good I think.


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