The best colour for nails

  1. 4 years ago


    19 Feb 2015 Administrator

    hi, girls, what is your the most favourite colour for your nails? I always you use red, nude or black:)

  2. i like also red and all it's tones since bright till dark cherry:) When I go out, I prefer to make a special manicure. I use golden or silve tones with dark colour (dark or violet or blue) :)

  3. Oh, I think that to have these beautiful nails needs to have talent... I like only black color nails, its nice to me

  4. I like not bright colours for nails, light pink or even white. I like these

  5. I adore red and french manicure:)

  6. robby

    19 Feb 2015 Administrator

    @Sara I adore red and french manicure:)

    have you ever tried another colours? I mean bright yellow or light blue?:)

  7. I like red colour, its perefect, womanly and very sexy:)

  8. Yes, red red red and more tha 1000 tymz red:)

  9. I think that the most beautiful for me is black color for nails

  10. Rocky

    25 Feb 2015 Administrator

    I prefer white and pink:)

  11. well, I actually dont use at all nail polish, I used it about į years ago. But when I was using it I used just dark blue color, its the most beautiful color to me


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