Do you like coffee?

  1. 5 years ago


    24 Feb 2015 Administrator

    I'm abosolutle fun of black coffee. I cannot imagine my morning routine without a cup of hot and tasty coffee:P) What about you, girls? Do you drink coffee? what are your favourite?

  2. I'm not so huge coffee fun as you, but I like coffee with milk:)

  3. I adore coffee, I drink it a lot, maybe 5 cups per day) I hope that there is someone who could drink more:D

  4. Yes, I love coffee and I prepare it every moning. It's like a morning ritual which help me to remain all day with good mood:)

  5. robby

    24 Feb 2015 Administrator

    Carino, coffee always get a good sense of feeling, I like a smell of coffee:)

  6. Sure, i love coffee and strong:) My mum prefers with milk, my sister likes a cocoa drink:D

  7. robby

    24 Feb 2015 Administrator

    Lucy, i love cocoa drink also:D it's so tasty despite a lot of calories:D

  8. of coz I lov coffee, I drink it every day, even on weekends when there is no need to get up early:) For me coffee is tasty drink and what I can do for myself:D

  9. absolutely, I dindt drink coffee earlier, but now I found it very delicious, so I taste it every morning

  10. No, I dont drink coffee, I dont uderstand people who like coffee coz I never found coffee which would be delicious for me. I prefer tea

  11. yes like every day

  12. rudeangel

    26 Feb 2015 Administrator

    Me too! I cannot live without coffee...

  13. I prefer tea than coffee

  14. me too, I dont like coffee at all, I drink tea or cacao

  15. also milk:)

  16. well sometimes I like it, sometimes I dont like it, it depends on my mood I think:)

  17. kunkuliuke

    3 Mar 2015 Administrator

    with milk and suggar

  18. yea, if I drink coffee I also love when its with sugar or sometimes I drink it with chocolate

  19. well, we have forgotten to say that there are many spieces of coffee, so I like acorn coffee, it really delicious

  20. acorn coffee...?Is it expensive?

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