Bright colours in your daily wearing

  1. 5 years ago


    24 Feb 2015 Administrator

    Hi, girls, I adore intensive colours because of that I have a lot of bright t-shirts, skirts and trousers, but sometimes I'm afraid to wear it daily. What's yur opinion about bright colours clothing? Would you dare to wear an extremelly red skirt or dress at office or uni? 1-abubakar-from-nigeria.JPG.jpg

  2. So nice pics, but I have never go out with these outfits..:) I just prefer more soft colours) I don't like to make impression for people by my clothing:)

  3. Yes, the models are gorgeous and I would like to try several outfits but not for casual wearing:)

  4. I like these yellow hight heel shoes they looks very great near that short skirt:)

  5. I like and I wear these kind of model every day. For there is no problem to wear bright dress or blouse. It's my style.

  6. its nice, really nice colors and perfect matches, but I dont like to wear such bright colors clothes

  7. I like the girls and the clothes at these photos but actually I am not brave enough to start to wear these clothes by myself

  8. why are you not brave?? you should need to try, maybe you will be looking very attractive with bright colors clothes, for example bright yellow or bright green!

  9. I also dont like bright colors every day, I wear bright just when I am going out somewhere

  10. kunkuliuke

    26 Feb 2015 Administrator

    I like bright accessories but not everything bright

  11. rudeangel

    27 Feb 2015 Administrator

    nice models.. I love to wear one part bright of my outfit-skirt or blouse, but not everything. I think a bright detail gives more freshness in your daily clothing and it's nothing bad.

  12. no no, I dont like to wear bright colors clothes, I like dark colors

  13. robby

    3 Mar 2015 Administrator

    Hey why do you like dark colours?

  14. I think dark colors are more elegant than bright...

  15. amazing model! oh god how I would be happy if I have such stylish clothes..

  16. I like these pictures very much

  17. I like all colors it depends the most on my mood, so I can choose very dark colors or very bright and shine, all colors are good

  18. Well I also like brifgt colors, sometimes I do wear black clothes but it happens rarely

  19. red or green color shoes - nice choice really!:)

  20. yea, now I have bought pink shoes so now these shoes have many compliments from others and I like it!


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