Bills-the main reason of quarell with husband

  1. 4 years ago

    I'm comfused and I don't know what to do. Every month I have a quarrels with my husband because of our bills... I'm not that kind of woman who spend a lot money! I work, so I have my own money and can to buy smth only for myself. However I have to make excuses to him, explain where and for what I spent my earned money. We discuss with emotions, say to each other many ugly words and after this home fight we feel exausted and sad...

    Girls, how you manage your family budget? How your bf/husbands react into your wish to buy smth?

  2. oh dear, your situation is quite complicated.. I have never had such problem with my bf or parents. They let to me buy what I want. I think you should talk with your husband in quite, without reaproaches.

  3. I don't agree with carino that one talk can help for supergirl. I supose that you have a despot in your house who wants to control everything even your own finance.. Maybe it's sounds terrible, but it's true! If you work and spend your money for little female things, he don't have a right to make a disaster from it. Try to do a small research of your relationship with husband. Does he always reaproch to u? I mean not only for bills, but in other things?

  4. No, they should talk and find out a real situation. Supergirl, be positive and don't think about you husband so bad as tiron or despot.. No no, these minds will not help for you darling. You should rethink your spending, analyse if all your buys were necessary, maybe some of them are not so needful as you think, maybe you bought some stupid and unnecessary things but forgot to buy necessary one. You cannot blame only your husband, try to look into situation from othr side;) Good luck

  5. Thanks, girl, but I don't think that I spend many money for unecessary stuff, I always count my money and don't waste them..

  6. Edited 4 years ago by dropex

    all problem are more deeply than big bills. If your relationship is not very good, so you can have quarell for any reason but it will not be the main reason, I want to say that in this case need to think what is wrong with your relationship and decide the problems...
    Of course if you spend much money for unnecessary things, you should think about it too

  7. rudeangel

    26 Feb 2015 Administrator

    dropex right, bills are just a pretext to make a discussion and start to argue with each other. Try find the main reason why your husband is not happy of you. good luck


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