Nude underwear

  1. 5 years ago
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    Hi, I think to buy nude colour underwears but still have dubts about it. For me these type of colour lingerie doesn't look very nice... Ok, maybe it is good for some ocasions as you have to wear a translucent texture dress or blouse and want that nobody could see your waistcoast. so i don't know buy it for myself or no.. I know that if I don't like smth, I don't wear it even it useful:D

  2. these underwares are nice, although I like white color underware, its more beautiful for me.

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    Lucy, I supose that if you buy only one pair of these type undies, will be nothing bad:) You just will have a useful thing for special cases:)

  4. I also dont wear such color of underware... anyway I dont see there nothing bad if my underwear is clearly seen

  5. I don't like nude colour at all but doesn't mean that I don't wear nude socks or underwear:) Girl has a lot of underwear and it's good to have a lot:D!

  6. of course, its good to have a lot, its needful

  7. rudeangel

    25 Feb 2015 Administrator

    Very nice pingerie, I would like to have it in my wardrobe:)

  8. Wow Cute Bu Cnt Wear Thm

  9. @Nwosu_Esther Wow Cute Bu Cnt Wear Thm

    what colour of underwear do you prefer?:)

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    I found this, I would like that color underware...3104474-p-MULTIVIEW.jpg


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