Will & Jada Smith kiss passionately on the red carpet

  1. 4 years ago


    25 Feb 2015 Administrator

    20 yrs later & still in love. See Will & Jada Smith kiss on the red carpet

    Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith have been together since 1995 and got married in December 1997 & after all these years, they seem to still be passionate about each other.

  2. nice kisses, nice people, this is true love, really:)

  3. 20 years together... long, but how is beautiful to have near the person who is faithful for you all these long years... I would like to have such person someday too

  4. robby

    25 Feb 2015 Administrator

    one word WONDERFUL! :) I'm in white jealous..:)

  5. omg, how beautiful they are..

  6. mombasy

    19 Mar 2015 Administrator

    oh sweet sweet kiss! Nice couple really!


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