Hair or Skin

  1. 4 years ago

    Ladies, which costs more in your experience, hair care or skin care?

  2. Of course my skin products. I like do make up every morning so all my shadows, powders and lipsticks cost:) Besides I use cream for face, lation for body, shawer gel with beauty oil (it's quite expensive))

  3. Rocky

    15 Jan 2015 Administrator

    I spend a lot of money for my hair. I use oils, natural shampoons, nutrition hair masks, rarely conditioners instead of oils. I

  4. My skin is very dry so I try to care of it very much, and it really costs:) I buy coconut oil, especially it is important the skin of face. And what about my hair, I have never gave them attention enough because I have really strong, shining hair, and it is naturally healthy hair.

  5. I am tring to take care of my skin and hire equally. If we want to be beautiful not just for our selves but also for other people we should try to take attention to both and skin and hair.

  6. Hair. I care my hair, coz they construct my image. My skin is nice and gentle withou any efforts:)

  7. Just hair, they are not so strong as I ave always dream so I need to care them very much.

  8. @chera nodi Just hair, they are not so strong as I ave always dream so I need to care them very much.

    YEa, I also have problems with my hair. So spend for them a lot of money and I don't know if it helps for them or not:D

  9. For sure skin and nails!:D I love to decorate my nails. I have a collection of nail polish:D

  10. I try to care all my body, not just skin or not just hair...beayty is important for every woman and every of us should care our body

  11. yea, but beauty is not just your hair or skin... but yea, I care of all my body, but especially face skin

  12. Hair, skin, nails, everything is important for us ladies, so I try to care all my body. I think I have success in it!:DD

  13. absolutely, and hair, and skin, we are women so these things are important to us, and not just hair and skin, there are many other parts of our body which should be in the center of our attention

  14. 3 years ago

    got no cream for my skin yet buh i think its still look good .like to keep my hair shiny

  15. mombasy

    2 Apr 2015 Administrator

    hair and skin - both are very important for every lady

  16. better hair, than skin

  17. yea, I caring my hair very much

  18. and hair and skin, we cant talk about these things separately, they are very important for every woman, so we need to care both

  19. Hair, wothout beauty, they keep real beauty for every woman...


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