What future is waiting for you?

  1. 5 years ago
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    If you would have a chance to know what will be your future, would you want to reveal it??


  2. Is it possible??

  3. I wouldnt want to know what will be my future... It will not be interesting later to live:)

  4. no at all, there is no one who could say the secret of our future

  5. I would love to know something about my future, its a secret that is very interesting for everyone

  6. its impossible to know what will be the future, its a mystery, so if we would know all about our future, there wouldnt be interesting at all

  7. why it is interesting?? If you would know your future you would stop doing many things at your life, because you would see that not all your efforts will be appreciated

  8. I have many doubts if I will use this possibility to know my future....

  9. I would love to reveal it!

  10. mombasy

    26 Mar 2015 Administrator

    it would be perfect... to know my future. But how?

  11. horoscopes can say us our future I think

  12. Yes, I would like to know what will be in near 3 months

  13. but would it change something at your life if would know what will be in near three months?

  14. of coz! I can make better decisions if I would know how will be in the future.

  15. you wouldnt be able to know what desicions are good and what bad, you just would know future, not about desicions

  16. what a perfect possibility would be to know your future! I would like to have this chance

  17. No, I wouldnt like at all to know what is waiting for me in the future, let it be the big secret

  18. mombasy

    16 Apr 2015 Administrator

    but wouldnt it be interesting to know what will happen tommorow?

  19. let it be the future that what must be, I dont want to know before what will be later in my life

  20. I remember one sentence about future:
    The best way to predict future is to create it.

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