What future is waiting for you?

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  2. 3 years ago

    exactly! there are so right words. we need not to predict what will be in the future - we need to act!

  3. agree with liuka, it is good when you not predict your future but try to change it in that future what you really want

  4. it is interesting to know what will be in the future I would not reject this possibility

  5. yea, it would be interesting to know how will I be lookingin the future

  6. I imagine that I will be looking beautyin the future, I hope so:)

  7. no one knows

  8. Future smth no 1 cn tel bcoz is jst lyk tomoro.

  9. Edited 3 years ago by chanedy

    yea, me too think that, it is impossible to know the future, but if there would be a possibility to know it, it would be great

  10. we dont know nthng about future we will see it tomrw

  11. yea, will see it tommorow, but to know it earlier it would be nice

  12. its impossible how it can be possible to know what will be in future if it would be so easy every1 would know what will happen tomorrow

  13. I would use this possibility to know it

  14. me too its interesting for ever1 I think

  15. not for every1 cz there are many people who are afraid of knowledge what will be in the future

  16. A great future

  17. mombasy

    9 Sep 2015 Administrator

    yea, need to believe that even oracles we know that perfect future is waiting for us


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