What to do if my boyfriend doesn't respect me?

  1. 5 years ago

    I am so sad in these days... I have had a huge quarell last weekend with my boo... I don't know what to do and what to think. I'm dissapoint of him a lot.. He slapped in my face during our dicussion. I know that it can be bcs of emotions but I cannot forget this. I have never given it for him even I am extremely angry.. but he hit me!

  2. if some people dont respect us, sometimes it means that we dont respect ourselves enough, dont you think so?

  3. No, I dont think so, some people just hasnt respect for anyone, they are too egoistic

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    if we respect ourselves it doesnt mean that other people will respect us too

  5. its not good, batsylee. Your situation is wrong and it showes that your desicion to be with that boy was not right

  6. maybe he was wery angry? Sometimes we do mistakes, its natural I think

  7. I don't what to do.. he hurted me so much, but I love him...

  8. you should think together about that embarassing situation, maybe you will agree that it was just mistake and he will try that this situation would not repeat again

  9. there is nothing about to talk, his behaviour is bad. Thats all.

  10. why there is nothing to talk about? If we will never will talk about bad things, thay will be repeated again and again! there need honest conversation in order to say all what do you think about it

  11. and what he will say when she will start to talk about it? That he is very sorry?? Every man would say the same, but it doesnt mean that he is really honestly sorry

  12. and from where do you know what he will say?
    and maybe he will be really very sorry?

  13. we have to think what we do when we are doing it, not later...

  14. I agree with chanedy, its not good, he behave very bad with you and I believe you undesrstand it even if you still love him

  15. but we all do sometimes bad things, dont be so critic people!

  16. Should I leave him? bcs I am afraid that it can will happens again. I don't want that he would start hit me in all our quarrels..

  17. this is not critic, this is true. If man doesnt respect his woman, there is no reason why to be with that man.
    Of course you should leave it.

  18. we cant say you right desicion, its your freedom to be with who you want to be...

  19. of course we cant advise you, its your chose. You are the one who knows right answer.

  20. girls, do you really think that to be with man who doesnt respect you ir right desicion?? it means that you dont respect yourself at all

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