My morning cup!

  1. 5 years ago


    26 Feb 2015 Administrator

    I have my own tea and coffee cups which I always use! I don't like lend them for other family members..:D Maybe it's a little egoistic, but those cups for me are very nice and expensive:) Show my your DREAM CUP!;)

    I would like to have this!:D

  2. Edited 5 years ago by liuka

    This is just imitation of a cup. But its great!:) th.jpg

  3. So cutie, liuka:)

  4. my dream cup would be

  5. Edited 5 years ago by noami

    I wanna

  6. robby

    26 Feb 2015 Administrator

    this is for me nice:

  7. Edited 5 years ago by supergirl

    I would like to have these

  8. Deleted 5 years ago by dropex
  9. Mommy needs coffee - this cup would be perfect to me!


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