What you should know at 18?

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    27 Mar 2015 Administrator
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    When you are 18, seems that everything can be done in the world. There is nothing what coudn't be reached or got. Many beliefs, dreams, expectations, first love, first work, new adult person's lifestyle change us... What wish you had known at your 18? Maybe if you would know some things, now would be easier for you?

  2. rudeangel

    27 Mar 2015 Administrator

    when I was at 18, I was so naivy and trusted in everyone. Now I understand tthat not every person can be good and honest, we should separate angels and devils..

  3. I understood that adults life isnt so nice as I thought when I was 18....

  4. I had a good lesson: never say never

  5. yea, its a really good understanding: we never know what will happen in the future

  6. robby

    31 Mar 2015 Administrator
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    i think expect less always better than expect a lot. It's a part of hapiness.

  7. we need to have a positive attitude, it doesnt depends on what age we are, then everything will be ok

  8. not always, not always positive attitude helps, sometimes we made mistakes which are painful very much, so when I was eighteen I thought I will never do mistakes, but I did...

  9. when you are 18 you think that you always will be 18 and dont even think that someday you will be older.. so when you 18 you should know that you will be 30 faster than you want

  10. yea, we getting older every day, but we dont think about it when we young

  11. when you are 18 or 25 or more, all you need to know - that these days will never come back so need to take a joy of present days

  12. the life is mytery, any way, we will never be able to know everyting about life

  13. what I knew when I was 18, I know the same now

  14. ....that you wont be 18 forever, this is the most important to know when you are 18

  15. we just cant know everything

  16. you dont know many things when you are 18, and sometimes it is a very big advantage to know nothing!


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