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    27 Mar 2015 Administrator
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    Back in 2012 I uploaded this recipe for yam porridge HERE and I did get requests to do a video for it. Since I am updating my blog with video recipes because nothing has changed with the recipe, I decided to add Asaro (Yam porridge) to the list. Clap for me! Oh something changed: I used Knorr then but for this I used Maggi :D
    I eat yam once in a while, maybe once in 3 weeks, but Bobo loves it. I should make it more when he's around....hmmm #WifeGoals. However, anytime I make Yam porridge I use ripe plantain- it makes the sauce extra sweet (I hear some people add sugar). I also don't use palm oil, it basically almost follows the process of jollof rice. Very simple!


  2. rudeangel

    27 Mar 2015 Administrator

    mmmmm, looks tasty!

  3. yea, I would like to try it, just need to find time for this

  4. I don't like cook, but this seems easy to make. By the way I like porridges

  5. I tried to make smth similar but I failed in amount of products and the result wasn't what I expected.

  6. I like porridges, it doesnt matter what, and this looks very tasteful


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