Mongolian curly hair!

  1. 3 years ago


    27 Mar 2015 Administrator

    What do you think about this curly hair style?

  2. I like these hair, they looking great!

  3. nice hair, I have always wanted these curly hair

  4. Yes, so nice, I would like to have hair like her

  5. it's nice, but I like prefer stright hair than these

  6. and Ilike very much these curly hair, they look awesome! I would like to have these!

  7. I never wanted to have curly hair, I dont like them

  8. rudeangel

    15 Apr 2015 Administrator

    i'm also prefer stright hair than curly. I got bored fom my curly hair and now I'm with stright

  9. in pic there are very beutiful hair, bu I like mine, they are quite straight


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