Bridal inspiration by sisiyemme

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    27 Mar 2015 Administrator
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    My one great friend will get marriage soon and she still don't know what hairstyle to choose for her BIG day. I found a nice video in which I saw a nice and easy make bridal hairstyle. It's so nice and elegant, what's your opinion?

  2. rudeangel

    27 Mar 2015 Administrator

    i like her suggestion for brides, I think that it looks great on photos too!

  3. there is no suitable or not suitable hairstyle.... its yur day, you wear what you like and with what you feel comfortable

  4. to be a bride, is the dream of every girl. I wish you all would have that special day, we all are beautiful.

  5. Nice hairstyle but I would to go on ceremony with wild hair:D

  6. every bride is special in different ways and on that day we all are beautiful

  7. The big day is special day, if you foolow these advices, I think you feel the most beautiful

  8. in that day every woman is beautiful, there dont need any special advices

  9. thats why this day is special so we need to try that this day would be more special and we need to try the most betiful

  10. i think that main thingfor every bride is feeling that on BIG day you will get marriage with right man

  11. yea, of course it is a true, I agree with Carino..

  12. @chera nodi yea, of course it is a true, I agree with Carino..

    Are you married darling?

  13. nice, really, I like how she does look like, I think bride should be looking beautifully

  14. she is wonderful woman, I always thought that about her, so she is my inspiration of how woman should be look like

  15. yea, absolutely, I like the manner of her thinking and how she behaves

  16. these hair are not beautiful for me at all.......

  17. and for me she is beautiful woman, hair too:)

  18. I think this bride looks quite nice, not too much make up, nice dress, all ok

  19. I dont like this hairstyle, it is too simple for marriage.


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