4 Lessons From Kemi Adetiba’s Tweets On Cyber Bullying Of Single Women

  1. 5 years ago

    I read Kemi Adetiba’s tweets on the cyber bullying of single women yesterday and I think every woman in Nigeria should see the sense in what she is saying. I am a married woman and her tweets reiterated these things for me;
    1. Marriage is not a measure of success. All it takes to marry is to say yes to a man, any man at all, and you will be a married woman! It is sad that some women actually feel superior for something this easy to achieve.

    2. A woman’s marital status is her business not your’s. Stop giving unsolicited advise and opinions. Don’t assume that a woman automatically needs your counsel or your pity for being single. She reserves the right to be single for as long as she wants.

    3. How come the first advice we give a single woman is to go and marry? Women should encourage other women to maximise their potentials, dream big and achieve greatness, whether married or single. There must be more to life than marriage!

    4. There are so many young single women doing amazing things in their chosen fields in Nigeria today without the help of “a husband”, shame on you if you are a married woman who hasn’t achieved anything in life and you have the mouth to judge these women. If marriage makes you better than them, shouldn’t it show in your achievements too?


  2. rudeangel

    27 Mar 2015 Administrator

    Really good thoughts!

  3. but when you are alone you cant be happy enough I think, we need other people near

  4. rudeangel

    2 Apr 2015 Administrator

    @meraria but when you are alone you cant be happy enough I think, we need other people near

    I supose that sometimes is better to be alone than have someone and feel alone

  5. yea, but we have aim: to find person which loves us and with whom we would be happy

  6. this article tryes to say that to be single is perfect... but I have many doubts if to be alone is really good

  7. rudeangel

    15 Apr 2015 Administrator

    Every person wants to belong to someone, it's not true that we want to live alone all life. You can be alone, but a short, for calm down, for relax, but not for whole life

  8. when u alone u want to be with smth and when u find someth the u want to be free

  9. not necessary, if you are with right person you will always want to be near him, and if he is not suitable to you, then you will think about others

  10. we care too much about others people lifes, and dont have time to be interested in our own lifes I think


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