Do you like dress up?

  1. 5 years ago

    I have a lot of friends girls who like to wear the most fashionable outfits. They never buy cheap clothes, every season change old style clothes into new ones. They sense of style and beuty is so haute! I lie to wear nice dress or new boots but I'm not so crazy that every months I must to buy smth new for my wardrobe.

  2. yes, I like, clothes create your image, so they are very important, especially for woman

  3. rudeangel

    27 Mar 2015 Administrator

    I think it's good while you don't have a dependence on buying new clothes:D

  4. I like it very much! I love feeling when you are nice, and everybody looks at you!

  5. I think every girl likes being pretty:) Dont say that it is not true!

  6. I like doing it a lot, but sometimes i don't have enough money to buy a new dress or shoes.. this is the main my problem:D

  7. but not all clothes cost very much, it is possible to find cheap and fashionable clothes

  8. of course! evry gil like dressing up, I like it too

  9. I lyk to look nicely but not all time, only on special ocasions. When I go out, I wear my lovely red dress which I got as present from my bf

  10. and what are these special ocasions?

  11. I dnt like, there need to hv much money if u want to look pretty and fashionable

  12. @dropex of course! evry gil like dressing up, I like it too

    What do you like that most in your wearing routine?:)

  13. agree with droopex we all girls like to dress up, it keep up our mood!

  14. me too... Like to buy smth beautiful and fashionable, or try new cosmetics and notice how I look like with them, nice!


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