Changes in attitude

  1. 5 years ago

    what do you think can help re shape someone's life positively,is the books you read,places you go,or the friends you keep?

  2. To reshape you life positively can many things, people, films, even simple coincidences, but the most that can reshape your life positively is yourself, and your efforts to do it..

  3. mombasy

    14 Jan 2015 Administrator
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    to change attitude sometimes is very difficult. But I think the biggest influence for us is done by other people around us

  4. I agree with mombasy, that people who are around us make really huge influence into our thinking. I can add also events which happen in our life and education(in other word news, information).

  5. We can change ourselves by many matters but the most important thing - don't lost yourself. We live near other people all time and they give a influnce to us all time. So i supose is harder to keep your approach than change it.

  6. if it is time to change you will change yourself without any efforts. The time comes naturally for it. And if to change sometihing in yourself is very difficult task, I think it is senseless. Agree with supergirl, that is very important to be yourself.

  7. for example I had a negative opinion about love films... But it was enough to see just one interesting very amazing film about two young people and their love, and I have changed my opinion for ever... Now I spend more time watching these films than reading books

  8. And what was the name of that interesting film?

  9. it was film named THE SLEEPING DICTIONARY


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