Jeans vs skirts

  1. 5 years ago

    i like change my style .. sometimes I prefer trousers, on some days I wear shirts. i cannot say exactly what clothes i can choose everyday and feel with it extremely comfortable. Maybe dress, maybe jeans.. Girls, do you think that girls should wear more female clothes than more comfortable. I mean that with shorts/jeans is more easy to have a picnic or active trip than with dress or shirt:) So what do you choose mostly?

  2. I prefer jaeans more than skirts, jeans are more camfortable.. I like traditional blue color jeans, these are my most favorite

  3. i love dresses and skirts bcs these clothes is more female than trousers.

  4. i'm a huge fan of jeans! I have plenty of them and sometimes choose it by mood

  5. I like skirts more, they are woman clothes, I think I look more beautiful with skirts than with jeans

  6. No, I think jeans can be sexy too! If you choose the right model you can look like a queen;)

  7. I prefer jeans, these are more comfortable, it is good to move with them and skirts doesnt give freedom, yu always need to think that you are wearing skirt

  8. I like jeans, skirts, dressses, all clothes I wear and it is good. The most I prefer dresses, not jeans or skirts

  9. nice, I like jeans and skirts, they both look perfect to me

  10. skirts, absolutely, when woman is wearing skirt she always is more beautiful than wearing jeans

  11. I like jeans more than skirts, but I like the most dresses

  12. absolutely jeans, I am used to wearing those, and its very comfortable

  13. I like both a lady can be beuatiful wearing both

  14. mombasy

    27 Aug 2015 Administrator

    me too like both

  15. I wear jeans its more comfortble


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