The most beautiful dresses

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    What colour of dress do you like? Long, short or midi size is the most common for you?Adebayo-Jones.jpgAmarelis-Collection-2013-BellaNaija-July2013-7-353x600.jpgAsake_photoshoot-748-Edit.jpgb13b6b218a58b7b365e2d5c735c0aab5_500.jpg

  2. classical black or white. White color dress is especially good looking in the summer...

  3. I love colourful, long but not too long dreses :)

  4. I prefer short dresses, but also I like very long from thin material as silk or cotton:)

  5. I adore midi dresses with perfect cut and with stylish elements. The most favourite colour is blue and all it's tones.

  6. I like or very short or very long dersses, it depends on where I am going to spend my time. But at least I prefer short red or black dresses without sleeveless.

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    What do you think about this one?
    Is suitable for friend's weddings?

  8. I like long black or white dresses.. These are the most beautiful for me. They are so womanly!

  9. dress.jpg

  10. This. is perfect to me. It could be nice weddding dress...

  11. Yea, it is beautiful. Exactly these dresses I like the most..

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    I love red passional dresses :)


  13. These red dresses are too bright to me, but yea the models look attractive, especially the last one:)

  14. I adore minimalistic style dresses. Without any decorations.

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  16. Blue color is the most favorite my color, so blue dresses are my weakness...royal-blue-dress-WC-K682-a.jpg

  17. Yea, this blue dress is very nice, I would like to have this one in my wordrobe, just I haven't shoes which would match perfectly to this beautiful dress.

  18. All dresses are nice, all colors are nice if just a girl is beautiful:)
    My mother had always said that dress absolutely is the most womanly cloth for woman, it doesn't matter what is it's color, length or price.

  19. I support u sidiga yes. All dress ar prefer BLACK,RED or BLUE mos especially WHITE bt i luv dressing in BLACK n GOLD.......or BLUE. N PINK very atractive colours

  20. I like black and short dresses

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