What would you never forgive for your bf?

  1. 3 years ago

    Hi guys, I'm in relationship almost 2 years and have never been in quarrel with my boyfriend. We are great couple, we love eacth other and enjoy ourself everyday. However I would like to know what you girls, will never forgive for your boo? What action or situation caused by your guy would be indifensible?

  2. Betrayal.

  3. I would forgive many things, I love him very much, and we all do mistakes.. He forgave me many bad things I done so I would forgave him too

  4. there are many things I wouldnt never forgive him. but the main probably is if he would find another woman and would try to cheat me

  5. betrayal of coz nt good at all, but I would forgive, coz I once time was not faithful him

  6. I remember one mark phrase:
    "...there is just one unforgivable thing: not to forgive..."
    So we need to forgive all mistakes to our lovely people

  7. mombasy

    14 Apr 2015 Administrator

    sometimes it is very very difficult to forgive bad things, dont you think so?

  8. of coz it is, but it is needed to forgive, because we all do mistakes, and we need to think if we would want that someone would forgive us when we mistaken

  9. if u luv, there is noth what you couldnt forgive for person u truly luv

  10. I hate liers, who don't know how to lie. The worst thing is untrust in relationship


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