What male professions are the most attractive for you?

  1. 3 years ago

    I like all professions but for me men with uniforms are so sexy:DDD I mean pilots, policemans and others. what about you?

  2. i think that all profession are good, just ppl have to choose by heart it

  3. I also lyk men with uniforms:DD But I lyk teachers or lecture bcs they seem to me as very smart guys:D

  4. aviators and their uniforms:)

  5. And doctors! especially young and with good sense of humor:DD

  6. if man is attractive he is dosnt matter whatis his proffesion

  7. Edited 3 years ago by diezna23

    totally agree with nesca! If man is handsome, there is no point what profession he represents

  8. ye,me 2 like doctors also I like policemen

  9. I dont hv attractive proffesions, all depend if the man is attractive or no, his proffesion there isnt important

  10. Edited 3 years ago by tabas oily

    man can be attractive working any job, from office cleaner to pilot, if man is really attractive he will always be attractive, dosnt matter what job he do, the same situation is with woman

  11. I like doctors, they look attractive with white clothes, I like them

  12. I think that attractiveness doesnt depend on profession...

  13. maybe not very depend, but there are men who look more attracively in exact proffession


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