Signs that he really loves you

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  2. 5 years ago


  3. of course, what can be signs for love? for real love doesnt need signs

  4. you talk wrong cz if person loves you he will show you this love and u will no that he loves u

  5. yea, it is important to feel someon's love. Mane people can say that they love you but just few people can shour their love.

  6. there are no signs there are just proves

  7. there are some signs but you need to be careful becz of lies

  8. you need to believe in person that you love, cz there without trust nothing cant be

  9. when you love and other peson loves you then you dnt need any signs, its felt

  10. there are so many talked about love, but just these people who really loves know what it is love without any artificial signs

  11. Emotionally,& physically u'll feel the power of love btw both of you


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