This man lost 70 pounds to save his wife's life

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    If you ever wanted a prime example of a husband's unfailing devotion to his wife, this is it. Tracy Spraggins was losing a lifelong battle with lupus, and needed a kidney transplant to turn things around. Her husband immediately got tested to see if he could give her one of his, and was thrilled to find out he was indeed a match. However, the doctors told him he couldn't be her donor in his condition.
    Tracy had been diagnosed with lupus when she was just 6 years old. In 2013, her health had begun to deteriorate to the point where she needed to be placed on a kidney transplant list. This was a difficult blow for her since her sister had died a few months before due to complications during a kidney transplant. There also was no guarantee she'd live long enough to get a new kidney, because the list had a seven-year wait. That's when her husband stepped up.
    However, P.J. Spraggins weighed 265 pounds when he was tested to be a transplant match for his wife, which made him an unfit candidate to donate a kidney. The doctors told him he should lose at least 30 pounds before they would consider going forward with the transplant.
    In December 2014, after having lost a whopping 70 pounds, he went to Nashville's Vanderbilt Hospital to get retested. Lo and behold, the tests showed his blood pressure was now in a healthy range, and he could officially be his wife's kidney donor. On Feb. 24 of this year, they went into a four-hour-long surgery together and came out smiling.


  2. what a nice love and what people! god bless them

  3. I would want to meet someday and somewhere person like this becauze this is really relationship which never ends

  4. smtms I dont believe that there exist such people at all, it nice, I would like o have such person near

  5. it's an example of strong true love...

  6. omg... very inspiring story... I'm proud of those ppl:)

  7. yes, this a real love, when we dont talk about it how strongly we love, but when we do and prove it!

  8. is this story real??

  9. why it should be not true? I have heared about this srory earlier, it is nice, this story convince us that real love exists whatever happen


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