Beauty tricks how to hide a crazy night

  1. 3 years ago

    He guys, I like go out or paticipate in parties. I ma very active girl who doesn't spend weekend at home with book in arms. however after active days I have a small problem on Mondays.. My face looks terrible because of no sleep and my head becomes as double..
    Could you know some tips how to recover myself after parties and look fresh again?

  2. I use cucumber for dark cycles under eyes. It helpt to reduce that darkness and give freshness for my face skin. Try!:)

  3. i don't go to parties so don't have such problem:P

  4. need to sleepwell firstly, then you should need eat healthy food with vitamins, some fruits and juice and everything will be ok

  5. rudeangel

    17 Apr 2015 Administrator

    Sleep is the main thing which can help to get back your face beauty after crazy night

  6. to eat fruits, vegetables and drink much fresh water

  7. need to drink much water, also eat healthy food, to do some sport, then everything will be ok

  8. do you often go to these parties?


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