Do we need to rethink our lifes? is it necessary?

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    16 Apr 2015 Administrator

    I had in my life a lot of painful events.. mother's death, car crash in which I broke my both lensg and bcs of that I had to spend a lot of months in hospital. Now I cannot reach my career as a dancer, I just have to be happy that I'm alive and can walk.

    However I don't feel hapiness.. I feel sadness that I'm unlucky person and I think that what I have done in my life wrong that I have to meet with all these hard things.. Maybe sometimes better don't think and just live?

  2. I think that we must to think what we are doinng in our lifes. It's true that sometimes to think a lot is worse than less. But it doesn't mean that we shouldn't think at all. We have to do it.
    I lyk to think before serious decisions which can get painful results

  3. no, we dont need to rethink nothing. We need to think about future and what will be in the future not about what was in the past

  4. we dont need to think much about our life. For what? Its worthless occupation. Agree with dropex, we need more think about future

  5. I guess that nobody don't wanna live in past, so there is no point to think and analyse past events as crazy:) Live and enjoy your life now, not tomorrow!

  6. of course it is not necessary. If your past had many unforgettable and nice moments of course you can rethink it in order to remember all beautiful days left in the past. But if there were many bad things, you should think about future.

  7. I never think about life, for what? there happen what need to happen, we cant change anything

  8. I think smtms about what i have done bad and good in my life for other people but I notice that all my thoughts dont help me at all

  9. why do we need to rethink it? we need to live, not to ethink what happened

  10. no, we dont need to rethink any, it doesnt help for us.

  11. it is not necessary, but we want it or not, we think about our life every day, its inevitable...


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