How to choose a right profession?

  1. 4 years ago


    16 Apr 2015 Administrator

    Hi, I would like to start study smth but at the moment I don't have no idea what exactly, I could start. Maybe do you have some recommendations with which help I could make a easier decision?

  2. Give a time for yourself to think what would you like to do mostly in your life? What activity gives a pleasure for you? in which area you see yourself? what you like/dislike to do and etc.
    Find the answers into these questions and you will get some insights which show you a preliminar way

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    You have to choose by your heart;) Heart never lies

  4. you have to ask yourself how do you wanna live in your future and raise a goal and find tools to reach it

  5. its important to do what you really want to do, then your profession will be ok

  6. is just one way to shoose right profession: is to do what you always wanted to do

  7. yea, the most imporatnt is that you would like to do what you do I think


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