Fashionable gifts for myself

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    22 Apr 2015 Administrator
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    Comming Mother day and I would like to present for my self smth nice. I thought to search a nice model of dress or blouse... I found a nice outfits on internet as good examples. What do you think about it? that red coveralls from Frankie and co looks so great! Maybe I could find it somewhere...
    aiko 1.jpgFCO LYND 1.jpgsteffi 2.jpgsteffi brown.jpg


  2. Very nice models!!! yes, red jumpsiut is wonderful! I lyk blue colour so I would choose this light dress
    nkwo 4d.jpg

  3. what nice these red color clothes, I would like to have these. But I think I will try to buy something not from clothes, I have plans to gift myself a new phone:)

  4. these are very classic style...

  5. I think I would accept all these gifts for myself if someone else would give me them, its expensive


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