Changing habits in couple's life

  1. 5 years ago

    I am in relationship and sometimes I'm afraid that I will lost some my good habits as be active, postitive and crazy worker bcs he is totally an oposite for me.. I know that many couples spend many time together and sonner or later they pich up some bad habits from one another. However I don't want that I become more lazy or more passive in daily life even I sometimes lyk it(for example spend weekends with my boo and do nothing)

    Do you have the same problem? I mean do you feel that you have picked some bad habits from your boo?

  2. Yea.. I remember when I was single I always going out with my best friends. Now I will not go out alone or with my friends bcs my bf doesn't let me.. He is so jealous.... So I feel that I'm loosing my social life and don't know what to do...

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    It's hard don't give to person's influence who is important for you. I'm not exception:D After one year I become more lazy on mornings than I have been before:D

  4. yea, it is difficult when you are living not alone

  5. for every1 need freedom so if your bf is too jealous is not good, you need to go out with your friends, meet your family members and do other things

  6. I have changed one my habbit: stopped drinking coffee in the mornings, cz ma bf dont like how taste coffee and he doesnt like it at all

  7. but there he doesnt like coffee, I think you can drink coffee if you like it:)

  8. I havent change my habits, because I and my bf are very similar people to each other:)

  9. I chnged many hbts for etc I stopped eating sweets:D

  10. mombasy

    11 Jun 2015 Administrator

    your bf doesnt allowes you to eat sweets?

  11. I have changed just one habit, not to sleep long in the mornings cz my bf wakes up about at 5 am and goes to work so early. Erlier I liked to sleep longer, but now it is impossible

  12. I didnt change my habits, just maybe I started to eat breakfast and prepare them to my bf

  13. I changed one my habbit: I was used to eat many sweets but my bf desnt eat them at all, so I refused too this my habit and I am very happy for it

  14. it is a healthy habit I think so its good:)

  15. I didnt change nthng in ma life, everything is the same as before I was living alone


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