Should I dump a guy who is without money?!

  1. 5 years ago
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    Hi girls, please help me! I'm so confused and cannot find a right decision.. Before several weeks I have met a nice guy who is my bf now. He is talkative, handsome but without money.. I know that money isn't the most important thing in the world, but I cannot deny that it's not important at all for me... I like to go out, get small gifts from my boo, go somewhere, spend my free time nicely and etc. Now my bf is a student and have to save money, he doesn't have car and doesn't want to buy it in future..

    Maybe I don't have a heart or don't love him enough strong but I feel that days are passing and I am going colder and away from him..
    What to do? Be patience and wait while he become fullfledge? or leave him and find another with the same financial status as mine?

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    I think you must to understand your boo better. If he hasn't money now it doesn't mean that he is stupid and cannot earn it in the future

  3. yea, of course, not all people are rich... the money isnt the most important thing

  4. do the money are very important? I dont think so, or you dont love him because you have doubts about your feelings regarding his material status?

  5. do you need a bf or money?

  6. I hope that you will choose right

  7. if you love a person, not his money, so I think you shouldn't leave your boyfriend

  8. but if man doesnt have money its not good, it means he is not able to earn money...

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    maybe he doesnt have money just today, maybe tomorrow he will have, dont yyou think so?

  10. all what you have to do now is to take a desicion: what is more important to you, money or a man

  11. yea, absolutely, I think you should choose man, not money

  12. No. You shouldnt. It would be very wrong desicion.

  13. I dont think so that you should

  14. its your choice no one else can know

  15. 4 years ago

    My dear i advice u 2 go 4 d 1 dat u luv nd eqally work 2 bcoz u cn say u wnt 2 by cream & he can nt avold't 4 u

  16. humm is just dat if u hv patient for him now u no some guyz dnt no ow to apreciate in future wen dey has money now dey will started misbehavin

  17. Well I think you should watch him for some time if he Has this good guy moral in him, you should stay but if he doesn't then leave the relationship.


  19. It's difficult to say.

  20. Money is not everything like u said just find out whether he is serious on u if not look for another person


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