What do you prefer more vegetables or fruits?

  1. 5 years ago


    24 Apr 2015 Administrator

    I am not good in preparing food but on Sundays I always try to make special breakfast for my boyfriend. For breakfast time we want to eat smth light, tasty and easy to do. So we often eat fruits salad. However I like vegatbles near roasted meat so much!
    But what do you prefer more in your daily food allowance? Fruits or vegetables?

  2. I adore fruits, I can eat day and night water melons or oranges :D

  3. Before some time I was a huge fun of all sweet fruits, but now I prefer vegetables or berries

  4. Definetly fruits, they are so tasty :)

  5. me too like vegatables and fruits, but I need them very much that I would feel satiated

  6. ..fruits absolutely cz they are more delicious to me, they are more sweeter

  7. Fruits fruits fruits!

  8. me too like fruits very much, bananas and oranges are most favorite to me, but also I like vegetables


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