7 Hair Myths That Are Keeping Nigerian Women From Growing Long Hair

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    Myth 1: If you are pure Nigerian blood you can’t grow long and healthy hair. This is the saddest myth of all. It’s simply not true. We are not inferior to anyone else, so please don’t ever think that. And if you thought that, please look at my hair as a point of reference, and erase any doubts you have about yourself. Many Nigerian women just have very bad hair care practices, and don’t know that they are damaging their own hair and scalp, which hinders the growth of their hair. If you do the proper things, follow the proper steps, you’ll see that your hair will grow long. Your hair is always growing anyway, it’s just that it keeps breaking off, so you don’t actually see it getting longer.
    Myth 2: Greasing your scalp is good. Lol, this is the silliest thing in the world. Greasing your scalp clogs your pores, and keeps your hair from pushing through and growing! Hair “grease” is just petroleum jelly and mineral oil. That is so bad to be putting on your scalp. Don’t do it. Just throw it away. It’s bad for you.

    Myth 3: If you cut your hair, it will speed up the growth of your hair. Lol. Please, tell me how do your roots know that the bottom of your hair has been cut off. Did they send a text message? Did they tweet them? Cutting your hair just makes your hair shorter! And your hair grows 1/2 an inch per month on average, so for all you ladies that trim your hair every month, how do you expect to see any length?

    Myth 4: Your hair grows faster when it’s dirty. Lol yes. I’ve heard many women swear that if they don’t wash their hair for SEVERAL months on end, that their hair grows faster. No. That’s not true. And washing your hair too frequently doesn’t make your hair grow faster either. I don’t advise you to wash your hair more than once a week, and I don’t advise you to wash your hair less than once every 2 months. You can find what works for you, between those two dimensions.

    Myth 5: Nigerian hair grows slower than the hair of women of other nationalities. WRONG. It is a proven scientific fact. EVERYONE’S-HAIR-GROWS-AT-THE-SAME-RATE. Many Nigerian women just aren’t retaining the hair that they are growing. It is breaking off.

    Myth 6: You can’t grow your hair long without going to the hair salon. I’ve been to a hair salon twice in my life. And that was way back in 2007/2008 when I was still in high school. And all they did was rip my hair out of my head. Most hair salons don’t know how to care for hair.. They just know how to STYLE is. They don’t practice healthy hair care actions.

    Myth 7: Pulling tightly on your scalp when you braid your hair will make it grow faster. This is a true story, I took my little cousin to get her hair braided, and she was crying because she said that the lady was doing her hair too tight. I thought my cousin was just being overly sensitive, then I heard the lady say, “The tighter she pulls, the faster the hair will grow” I paid her right then and there, and grabbed my cousin, and left. Someone who is that ignorant about hair care, will damage your scalp and hairline within 2 or 3 visits.


  2. I'm so glad that one day I will have nice long hair.. :) I would like it a lot!

  3. I haven't known that greasing is bad for may hair... Thanks!

  4. I didnt believe never these myths at all, I have nice strong healthy hair and I am satisfied with them very much!


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